no one ever talks about class. no one ever talks about all the symbols in our society that are much more powerful than money. these symbols become novelty to some. the ones higher up. the ones with who hold the power in their social status to move about, around, up and down to give them some 'edge'. you love whetherspoons do ya? that new greggs vegan sausage roll is it? a maccy dees and some builders who don't av any G.C.S.E's. [if you know, you know]. i'm gonna talk about it. i'm gonna talk about the moving from realm to realm, room to room, from the perspective of someone who was seen as, 'lower'. the novelty gift at the dinner table. the funny accent, nodding head, pretending i know what the fuck your words mean cause i got gifted an entry into your white elitist institution. i must be special. i got 'out'. i made 'it'. FUCK. i'm gonna talk the mental health issues the ensue, the anger you shouldn't show. cause you're already threatening. i'm gonna talk about the loss of a life when wanting more. the sacrifices you make. sitting in a room listening to someone pretending they are skint. when they aven't got mum ringing them cause she's cold and can't afford the heating. or dad's vans broke down again, so he can't get to work. i'm gonna talk about choosing to believe in yourself time and time again and convincing everyone it's all been worth it. it will be yeah? right?

you can wear those kappa trackies, gold tooth caps, burberry caps and bucket hats, but you ain't fooling me mate. also, how much did they cost you again?

[it is important to me that my work is accessible, no matter what the cost. if this work is not accessible it is not doing it's job. i'm not doing my job. if you cannot afford what i have priced this zine at then please message me & i am more than happy for you to pay whatever you can afford.]