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If you’re looking for your next self help fix, self care tips
then it could be argued this zine is the newest cure to all your worries!
Will subside once you’ve swallowed this poetry down.
This zine will change your life.
It’s all based on
‘Terms and conditions apply’
When it comes to the structures we
exist within.
Our leaders have never been better, stronger!
Look at them go!
Buy this and you’re set for life.
All the advice you could ever wish for
is waiting just for you.
Just take a peek inside to see
what it was you were always searching for.
Everything you have always been missing
out on.
Friday nights have never been so different.
Don’t you reckon that our mental health
needs to be discussed more but like
why do we always have to focus on the
Forget the pills, this zine will give you
all the thrills!
It’s 2020 baby,
Welcome to the new decade!
Are you having fun?

***40% of all profits will be split equally between @bmmuk , ‘Homeless Black Trans Women Fund’ & @mpjinstitute***

[it is important to me that my work is accessible, no matter what the cost. if this work is not accessible it is not doing it's job. i'm not doing my job. if you cannot afford what i have priced this zine at then please message me & i am more than happy for you to pay whatever you can afford.]